Who is Jesus

John 20:1-18

Who is Jesus, the gardener of Gethsemane, friend of the traitor, burial cloths missing a corpse? Who is Jesus, this charismatic teacher of Middle Eastern appearance, refugee of two thousand years? Who is Jesus, absent in death as he was present in life, our incomprehensible God? Ever elusive, his final triumph casts mystery across his message, a smear on the face of a mute God put to death. But Jesus is not dead. Jesus breathes in us, walks our shoes along a dangerous path toward some hope of light in a decaying world. He breaks bread between warring nations, restores relationships and raises the trampled. He inspires art we cannot live without, bleeds colour into a greyscale world, and questions its foundations. He speaks through stories of two thousand years ago, challenging us to challenge the systems by which we are governed. He calls from the empty tomb, spirit-light blinking, punctured hands offered so that we might see and believe.

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