Waiting and Stagnating

Isaiah 25:6-9

This is the God for which we have waited,

hoped and prayed and waited -

desperate for freedom

from this desolate place.

This is the Messiah for which we have waited,

who will lead us to freedom,

this teacher and speaker

we wish was a warrior.

We have waited and waited,

clinging to traditions

which sacrifice purity of heart

for purity of ritual.

We have waited and stagnated,

and when the Messiah comes

we, the people of God,

are found wanting.

This Messiah speaks not of resistance

but of repentance,

not of paradise but in parables,

and he asks us to look at ourselves.

On the inside we are Romans,

who when given power

would be corrupted by it,

as our leaders have become.

We have waited, resting in rules

and regulations instead

of compassion towards our fellow humans.

We are the priest and the Levite,

walking past a dying man

so that we may remain holy for the temple.

When did clean hands in a temple

become more important

than a man lying on the side of the road,

life fluids leaking from his broken body?

We have waited and walked,

but this Messiah upturns

our picture of piety

and presents us with a Samaritan.

Shatter our Roman hearts,

O God for whom we have waited,

and make us into Samaritans.

Imperfect and ridiculed,

ritually unclean,

but freed by the love we offer to others.

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