Living Word

Psalm 119:9-16

God's Word is an incredibly undefinable beast

which proclaims and praises on one page

and condemns the next:

a Bible of incredibly human stories

pockmarked with divine prophecies,

bound by the glue that is God's love

of people and peoples, and this planet.

God's Word is twisted into splinters

which catch beneath queer skin,

puncture holes in rounded identities

and leave grey questions unanswered.

God's Word is reduced from a text of rich meaning

to a series of fundamental rules

designed to secure one ticket to heaven.

But tomorrow is a latter day.

God's living Word walked this earth

two thousand years ago

in the silhouette of a radical man,

evaporator of toxic masculinity,

defender of the marginalised,

challenger of oppressive systems

and embracer of every single human being

for who they are.

God's living Word calls us

onto this winding journey called discipleship,

beckoning not with the promise of paradise

but with the challenge to create it on earth.

God's living Word heals the splinters

of fractured identities,

molds brokenness back into human beings,

dismantles jagged structures

that injure and discriminate,

and leads us toward this long-fabled

vision of equality.

This undefinable beast glues human beings together,

offering the hard way

into relationship with a loving God

and between alien peoples.

Full of rich meaning,

our Bible pays homage to our God,

but it does not speak for Them.

Our Bible is a human testament

to this divine vision:

a vision to which we dedicate our lives.

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