Sometimes I forget I have a body,

forget that I require maintenance

beyond the intellectual, closer to the everyday;

forget that I am not some luminous being

sustained by brainpower alone.

Sometimes I forget to take a moment,

forget to breathe and sleep and eat well,

forget that I don’t have to be busy

to be fulfilled, that life is more

than organised chaos and overfull to-do lists,

more than the grunt-work behind ambition.

Sometimes I forget I love bedtime stories,

forget I love the quiet moments,

and the way sunlight dapples through leaves;

forget to enjoy sounds for their own sake,

that not everything must feed a creative project.

Sometimes I forget that I am human,

brain and body intertwined and symbiotic;

forget that I can’t churn through

hundreds of tasks without recharging,

that I wasn’t designed to, because I am not some machine

but a child of God: a creator in their image;

sometimes I forget that though I create, I am human.

#poetry #lent

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