She Stands

Welcome to my blog! This will be a space where I share my writing with you, be it poetry, prose, music or anything in between.

I thought I'd start by sharing a poem I wrote in January 2017, when I first started digging my teeth into poetry as a medium. If you'd like to hear this poem realised through music, feel free to have a listen to my electroacoustic composition of the same name here.

She Stands

For my Mum, the feminist I want to be when I grow up

There’s a girl

in a room.

Her room.

Her space,

her slice of universe.

Beyond it, the world is governed

by rules not her own,

by rules passed down

from generation to generation:

the accepted norm;

the constriction

of space to which she may lay claim.

In her room, she is in control.

She is whatever she wants to be.

She is an astronaut,

mesmerised by the poetry of stars.

She is a pianist,

fingers like liquid across black-and-white keys.

She is a president,

carving out bigger slices of universe.

In her room, she dreams in safety.

The real world is alien.

She must be this, she must be that.

She must not be this, must never entertain fantasies of that.

She is more often wrong than right,

and every word of criticism is a bullet to her self-esteem.

Sometimes she wishes

that she was invisible.

If she were invisible,

she could transcend this world.

Float above it, watch it spin.

Realise that there are other worlds out there,

that humanity is a tiny fragment of Creation.

She could pose philosophical questions

to the stars.

She wonders:

would they answer?

Would they tell her

that she is worth just as much

as any other speck of life to breathe upon this earth?

Would they tell her

that she is entitled to basic human rights,

despite her gender,

or perhaps because of it?

Would they tell her

that those who try to squash her are simply afraid

of her potential,

afraid of change?

Would they tell her

that invisibility is not the solution?

Would they tell her

that she has a voice worth raising,

an opinion worth hearing?

There’s a girl

in a room.

Her room.

She stands.

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